The Importance of Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks require a great deal of maintenance in order to function effectively. They are designed to eliminate solids from wastewater. For them to do this effectively, frequent septic tank pumping is essential. Cleaning and pumping the septic tank regularly will help to prevent overflowing. Once clogged, the tank can affect different water systems in your house. Lack of maintenance can lead to problems that are too difficult and costly to repair.

Why pumping is required

Septic tanks are designed to hold sludge and scum for up to 3 years. Sludge constitutes a mixture of solid wastes which are heavy and settle at the bottom of the tank. Scum, on the other hand, consists of the lighter materials which float on the surface of the septic tank. Most of the solid wastes that are gathered in the tank will decompose with time. The rest accumulate, which is why cleaning has to be done on a regular basis. Too much sludge and scum can contaminate the entire system. Pumping is done to avoid this and make sure the tank remains effective for a long time.

How often is septic tank pumping required?

There are several factors that will determine how often you need to pump your septic tank. For one, the volume of the wastewater required in a household will determine the tank size and how often it needs to be pumped. The size of your household as well as the tank size will determine how frequently pumping needs to be carried out. If the tank is small and the household is large, pumping will be required more frequently. For instance, if the tank can hold 4000 liters and serves a family of 2, it can go for 5 years without pumping. The same size of tank serving a family of 5 needs pumping every 1.7 years.

When is the best time to conduct septic tank pumping?

Schedule for septic pumping when you are about to leave for vacation or any other time when the family is away. When pumping is done, it’s advisable to give the system a rest period before using it. Most technicians recommend pumping to be carried out when the family is away so that they can give the system adequate time to prepare for usage. The soil absorption area needs to dry out completely and allow any wastes that have moved in there to decompose before water begins flowing into the tank.

Cleaning and pumping of the septic tank needs to be done by professionals. There are certain risks involved when carrying out these maintenance activities and experts know how to mitigate them. For instance, during cleaning you can remove the good bacteria together with the waste. A professional knows just the right kit to use in order to preserve the good bacteria when removing wastes in your septic tank. With that said, regular septic tank pumping and cleaning helps to avoid overflowing and clogging but it’s also important to conserve water when you shower, use the toilet or kitchen to prevent such risks.